In our modern performance-driven society, people are getting more and more disconnected from nature and their bodies. This is even more concerning as everything about us is embedded in our body – mind, emotions, patterns, habits, beliefs, movements, emotional and physical trauma… And it’s not only about us, but it’s also embodied in the collective.

Coaching aims on producing breakthrough behavior change – but this can’t happen alone trough gaining insight and knowledge on an intellectual level. To reliably achieve lasting change, you need the expertise developed through the body – and this is where Somatic Coaching steps in.

Somatics moves the center of learning from the head into the body, giving us access to all aspects of our intelligence – intellectual, emotional, and physical. It helps to feel, know, experience, and express, we can identify conditioned patterns that limit performance and create new neural pathways and new possibilities.

By becoming more resilient, flexible, and agile in the body, our whole system will follow. Self-confidence will be increased in new areas and the capacity to produce valuable results is created.

Somatic Coaching leads to embodied learning, efficient and lasting changes and an overall enhancement of ourselves and our life.

(Re)connecting fully to ourselves is the only way to truely connect to others.

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