My clients are people who are stressed, exhausted or even burnt out. Many say they work in a very stressful and demanding environment, they are not fulfilled by their work and they don’t feel uplifted and empowered by their bosses and colleagues.

Also, recovery can’t happen during a 1-week trip to the Maldives – it has to happen on a daily base.

Here is some inspiration on how to turn the office into a healing place that is nourishing instead of draining:

Eat healthy food: Provide fruits, nuts and water (not in PET bottles) instead of croissants, cookies and coke.

Get good rest: Teach people how to sleep properly to be fully energized for the whole day:
• in total darkness
• for 7 to 8 hours
• no screen work 2 hours before going to bed
• go with the flow of nature: sleep early, get up early

Morning autonomy: give people space for their morning practice. They will show up happy in the office.

Movement: Have a gym in the office or nearby. Encourage people to work out before work or during lunch break.

Respect and support different productivity times: Some are at their best at 7 AM. Others are full-on at 3 PM.

Let people know that they are of high value, needed, and appreciated: give them empowering feedback, get them involved, let them participate.

Increase mindfulness and consciousness: Offer meditation and yoga classes to start the day.

Take a break: have a massage therapist come to the office.

Cultivate nonviolent communication:

And one more thing:
• Don’t force people – motivate them
• Don’t achieve perfection – admit mistakes and learn from them
• Don’t make things complicated – simplicity is key and more fun
• Don’t talk all the time – listen more. People have lots to contribute – if they have space